Published on: October 27, 2023

Ghatiana Sanguinolenta

Ghatiana Sanguinolenta

Why in news? New crab species Ghatiana sanguinolenta discovered in Karnataka


  • Ghatiana Sanguinolenta is a fresh water crab species discovered from the Balekoppa village of Sirsi district in the Central Western Ghats region of Karnataka
  • The crab was first sighted in the Western Ghats area in 2020.


  • The species of this genus are known to be from Maharashtra, Goa and the Western Ghats of Karnataka.

Why the name Ghatiana sanguinolenta?

  • The crab gets its name from the Latin word sanguinolenta meaning ‘red’ or ‘blood-coloured’.
  • Its red colour and male genitalia differs it from other species in the Ghatiana subgenus