Published on: October 27, 2023

MODERATO application

MODERATO application

Why in news? Moderato technology to be inaugurated in Bangalore


  • MODERATO (Management of Origin-Destination-Related Adaptation for Traffic Optimization) is the state-of-the-art technology from Japan, likely be implemented in the key junctions in core Bengaluru areas
  • It is funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and implemented by the Nagoya Electric Works Co. Ltd.
  • The project was supposed to cover 29 junctions. As per the revised plan, 28 junctions are being taken up and One junction has been dropped due to ongoing Metro work

Key components of the programme

  • Signal arms and aspects of crossing for both motorists and pedestrians, an automatic traffic counter and classifier for measuring vehicle movement, and a queue-length measurement system at critical junctions to monitor queue build-up.
  • A central control software, MODERATO, will be utilised for real-time optimisation of signal phasing and timings across all junctions
  • To implement an adaptive traffic-controlling system in phases, focusing on evidence-based, contactless interventions rooted in Artificial Intelligence (AI)