Published on: February 16, 2022



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PM visited Guru Ravidas shrine in UP on account of Guru Ravidas Jayanti


  • 14th century poet-saint, social reformer and a spiritual figure of the Bhakti movement in North India
  • Venerated as a guru (teacher) in the region of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and mainly Punjab and Haryana
  • Life details are uncertain and contested
  • Scholars believe he was born in 1450 CE.
  • Devotional Verses were included in the Sikh scriptures ( Guru Granth Sahib )
  • The Panch Vani text of the Dadupanthi tradition within Hinduism also includes numerous poems of Guru Ravidas.
  • Taught removal of social divisions of caste and gender, and promoted unity in the pursuit of personal spiritual freedom.
  • Believed to be a disciple of the bhakti saint-poet Ramananda and a contemporary of the bhakti saint-poet Kabir.
  • One of his famous disciples was the saint, Mirabai.
  • Among Ravidas’s moral and intellectual achievements were the conception of “Begampura”, a city that knows no sorrow; and a society where caste and class have ceased to matter.
  • The AdiGranth of Sikhs, and Panchvani of the Hindu warrior-ascetic group Dadupanthis are the two oldest attested sources of the literary works of Guru Ravidas.
  • Ravidas Jayanti is celebrated on Magh Purnima, the full moon day in the month of Magh according to the Hindu lunar calendar.
  • It is believed that he was born in Varanasi in a cobbler’s family