Published on: August 9, 2021


HIROSHIMA-NAGASAKI BOMBING What is in news : Japan marks 76th anniversary of World’s First Atomic Bombing

Mamanguape About :

  • 509th Composite Group of United States Army Air Forces was trained.
  • Equipped with specialized Silverplate version of Boeing B-29 Superfortress.
  • Deployed to Tinian in Mariana Islands.
  • Allies called for unconditional surrender of Japanese armed forces in the Potsdam Declaration in July 1945.
  • But Japan ignored the ultimatum.
  • So, United States dropped world’s first nuclear bomb called “Little Boy”( Enriched uranium gun-type fission weapon) against southwestern city of Hiroshima. It immediately killed 80,000 civilians.
  • On August 9, US dropped second bomb called “Fat Man” (Plutonium implosion-type nuclear weapon) on Nagasaki that killed another 74,000 civilians.