Published on: August 20, 2022

Indigenous defence equipment

Indigenous defence equipment

Why in news?

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on August 16 handed over several indigenously-developed equipment and systems to the Army which includes Future Infantry Soldier as a System (F-INSAS), new generation anti-personnel mine ‘Nipun’, rugged and automatic communication system with enhanced capabilities, upgraded sights system for tanks, advanced thermal imagers and state-of-the art high mobility infantry protected vehicles and assault boats.


  • The equipment/systems have been jointly developed by Indian Army in collaboration with Defence Public Sector Undertakings, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and the Industry.


  • The infantry soldier is being equipped with three primary sub-systems.
  • The first sub-system is the modern state-of-the-art assault rifle along with day and night holographic and reflex sights and the sights are mounted on the weapon and also on helmet to enable a 360-degree visibility and accuracy in operational conditions. In addition to the primary weapon system, the soldiers will also be kitted with multi-mode hand grenade which has also been procured indigenously along with multi-purpose knife.
  • The second sub-system is protection system through a specially designed helmet and a bullet proof jacket while the third sub system consists of communication and surveillance system.


  • On the anti-personnel mine, the Army has been using vintage NMM 14 mines and with the Armament Research and Development Establishment, Pune, and the Indian industry, a new Indian mine named ‘Nipun’ has been developed.
  • This equipment gives enhanced visibility and range to the commanders of armoured columns. In T-90 tanks the older thermal sights had image intensification systems which had its own limitations and constraints, adding these limitations have been overcome by use of thermal imaging sight produced by India Optel Limited.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Project

  • One of the most challenging terrain and operational sectors is the Siachen Glacier and complete power requirement in the area to operate various equipment was met only through captive generator supply, the Ministry said.
  • A solar photo-voltaic plant has been installed to improve the overall energy requirements and also obviate dependence on fossil fuels.