Published on: December 24, 2021




Plans afoot to uproot lantana bushes from BRT reserve, Bandipur in Karnataka

About Invasive Lantana Bushes

Lantana camara

  • Species of flowering plant
  • Native to the American tropics.
  • Out-compete native species that leading to a reduction in biodiversity and can greatly reduce the productivity of farmland.
  • Survive in a wide range of climatic conditions, including drought, different soil types, heat, humidity and salt.
  • First introduced in 1807
  • Spread to wildlife reserves, river banks and the Project Tiger areas where it had obliterated native grass and reduced biodiversity.
  • In some regions, the plant has made inroads into pastures and shrunk the cattle grazing areas, affecting the livelihood of villagers.
  • Natural grass has started growing in the Sajjangarh sanctuary and the spotted deer and other herbivores can be seen foraging on the vegetation.