Published on: November 16, 2022

Janjatiya Gaurav Divas

Janjatiya Gaurav Divas

Why in news?

The birth anniversary of the iconic tribal leader Birsa Munda is observed as Janjatiya Gaurav Divas by government

About Birsa Munda

  • He was an Indian tribal freedom fighter, and folk hero who belonged to the Munda tribe.
  • He spearheaded a tribal religious millenarian movement that arose in the Bengal Presidency (now Jharkhand) in the late 19th century, during the British Raj
  • Revolt areas : Concentrated in the Munda belt of Khunti, Tamar, Sarwada and Bandgaon.
  • New Faith :Birsait’(Mundas, Oraons, and Kharias)
  • Cause : Unfair land grabbing practices by colonial and local authorities that demolished the tribal conventional land system
  • Known for challenging the Christian missionaries and revolting against the conversion activities along with the Munda and Oraon communities.
  • Revolt : Ulgulan movement
  • Slogan: Bua raj ete jana, maharani raj tundu jana (“Let the kingdom of the queen be ended and our kingdom be established”)