Published on: December 15, 2021


KARNATAKA APPELLATE TRIBUNAL\think\template\driver\file/write NEWS The Karnataka Appellate Tribunal (KAT) should try to adjudicate cases filed before it as quickly as possible, especially in matters pertaining to notices against illegal constructions, the High Court of Karnataka has said.


Karnataka Appellate Tribunal (K.A.T)

  • Was established under the K.A.T Acts of 1976.
  • Hears appeals against the orders of the competent authorities under the Karnataka Land Revenue Act 1964, Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act 1959, Karnataka Sales Tax Act 1957, Karnataka Entertainment Tax Act 1958 & Karnataka Entry Tax Act.
  • Common Appellate Authority for the Revenue Department, Department of Co-operation & the Commercial Taxes Department
  • Attached to the Revenue Department.
  • Consists of the Chairman and 8 Benches
  • Chairman is a Senior I.A.S. officer
  • Each Bench has one Judicial Member and one administrative Member
  • There are two Revenue Benches, two Co-operation Benches & Four Commercial Tax Benches.