Published on: August 24, 2021



About :

  • Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate (English: Victory to you Mother Karnataka, The Daughter of Mother India!) is a Kannada poem, which was composed by the Indian national poet Kuvempu.
  • The poem was officially declared the state song of the Indian state of Karnataka on 6 January 2004
  • The poem envisages a Karnataka that recognises its position in the comity of Indian states, believes in peaceful co-existence with her sisters, but at the same time maintains her self-respect and dignity from a position of confidence and strength rather than insecurity and fear.

What is in news :

The Karnataka government will take a decision on reducing the duration of the ‘Nada Geethe’ (State anthem) before the State legislature

Details :

  • Currently, various versions of the ‘Nada Geethe’ are being sung, usually 4-5 minutes long, some renditions going up to nine minutes. This has led to a call for trimming and standardising it.
  • A committee led by poet Channaveera Kanavi had recommended the rendition be standardised to 90 seconds.
  • However, another committee led by Manu Baligar, president, Kannada Sahitya Parishat, submitted a report in 2018 which recommended the rendition of the ‘Nada Geethe’ to be standardised at 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds).