Published on: January 9, 2023

Living Roots

Living Roots

Why in news? A farmer  in Meghalaya takes forward the State’s traditional practice of building root bridges and connects two areas across Umkar river in Cherrapunjee


  • Farmer creation over the Umkar river in Siej village near Cherrapunjee(Sohra), in the undulating East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya has grown into a living marvel.
  • Living root bridges of Khasi-Jaintia people promotes the sense of oneness with nature like most indigenous tribes.

About Living Roots Bridges

  • It is a type of simple suspension bridge formed of living plant roots by tree shaping.
  • State: Meghalaya
  • Location : West Jaintia Hills district and East Khasi Hills district
  • Handmade from the aerial roots of rubber fig trees by the Khasi and Jaintia
  • Other living bridges: Nagaland, Indonesia at Jembatan akar( island of Sumatra), and in the Banten province of Java(Baduy people)
  • Earliest written record: Henry Yule, in Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal.
  • Methods of creation: Use the roots of the rubber fig, learning the techniques to mould and model the roots into a bridge with the help of bamboo
  • Notable root bridges: Rangthylliang bridge(longest known example of a living root bridge