Published on: September 10, 2023



Why in news?  Union Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship launched the Malaviya Mission – Teachers Training Programme


  • It was organised by the University Grants Commission, in association with the Ministry of Education
  • Human Resource Development Centres (HRDCs) is also renamed as Madan Mohan Malaviya Teachers’ Training Centre.

What is the aim of the programme ?

  • Malaviya Mission – Teacher Training Programme aims to provide tailored training programmes for teachers.
  • It will work for the capacity building of faculty members in higher educational institutions.
  • To improve the quality of teachers’ training, build leadership skills in teachers and help realise the goals of NEP.
  • Capacity building under the Malaviya Mission will be mapped to the credit framework to ensure career progression pathways for educators.

What is the feature of the programme ?

  • This programme will ensure continuous professional development and help in building capacities of 15 lakh teachers of HEIs through 111 Malaviya Mission centres across India in a time-bound manner.
  • Indian Knowledge System has been included in the modules of the Programme.

What are the themes of the programme?

  • The 8 themes include Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education, Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), Academic Leadership, Governance and Management, Higher Education and Society, Research and Development, Skill Development, Student Diversity and Inclusive Education and Information and Communication Technology.
  • Three main themes that were discussed during India’s G20 Presidency: deployment of technology in the use of education, achieving sustainable development goals and women-led development, are also to be incorporated in the Teachers Training Programmes.