Published on: August 27, 2022

Netanna Nestham aid

Netanna Nestham aid

Why in news?

Weavers owning spinning wheels will get an annual sustenance under the YSR Netanna Nestham.


  • Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy will credit an amount of ₹193.31 crore directly into accounts of 80,546 beneficiaries.
  • Under the scheme, each beneficiary having an own spinning wheel would get ₹24,000 annual sustenance .
  • Every weaver will get ₹96,000 under the scheme and, so far, the government has spent ₹2,049.2 crore for handloom weavers alone.

YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme


  • The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to the handloom weavers so that they can improve their handloom works.

Benefits to the citizens

  • Under the scheme, Rs 24,000 will be credited directly into the bank accounts of the weavers having own looms every year. Every beneficiary will receive a total aid of Rs 1.2 lakh in the next five years.


  • Under this scheme, the applicant is required to be a native of Andhra Pradesh.
  • If the applicant wants to apply to the YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme, he / she must be a handloom weaver by profession.
  • According to this scheme, the applicant is required to be affiliated and registered with the Handloom Association.
  • The person who applies under this scheme must be below the poverty line category.
  • One benefit for one weaver family irrespective of number of looms owned by them.