Published on: August 27, 2022

World Folklore Day celebrations

World Folklore Day celebrations

Why in news?

The campus of Dravidian University echoed with the performance of artisans from various parts of South India, marking the World Folklore Day celebrations.


  • The rural side of India is replete with rich oral, literary, historical, and cultural entities of fine arts, giving a prominent place to folklore tradition. The Dravidian University has always been at the forefront to institutionalize the importance of folklore by creating a separate department for the studies


  • The term ‘folklore’ was first coined on August 22, 1846, when William John Thoms combined the words ‘folk’ and ‘lore.’ He defined the word as the “traditional knowledge of a people.” Because of this, countries worldwide chose to celebrate their folklore and folk traditions on August 22 every year.
  • After a gap of one century, the American literary associations brought back the glory and legacy of “folklore” in 1946 through their publications.“