Published on: November 3, 2023

‘One nation, One registration platform’

‘One nation, One registration platform’

Why in news? The National Medical Commission (NMC) is set to launch ‘one nation, one registration platform’ for unified information on doctors


  • The NMC will launch a preliminary version of the National Medical Register (NMR), a system where doctors will receive unique identification numbers in the next six months.
  • It aims to eliminate duplication, red tape and allow the public to access information on any physician working in India.


  • The platform will contain essential information about a medical practitioners qualifications, registration date, place of employment (hospital or institute), specialty and graduation details.
  • Idea is to provide a masked ID to undergraduate students on the NMR and on completion of  their course, the ID is unmasked and allotted.
  • This ID can be used to update any further qualifications.
  • All state registers for licenses to practice medicine in any part of the country will be linked to this platform and accessible at the click of a button.