Published on: August 6, 2021



About :

  • Indian freedom fighter
  • Architect behind the design of Indian national flag
  • Born : 1876
  • Native : Andra Pradesh
  • Also known as ‘Jhanda Venkaiah’
  • Worked as lecturer in the Andhra National College in Machilipatnam.

What is in news : Birth Anniversary of Pingali Venkaiah celebrated

Evolution of National Flag :

  • Venkayya raised the issue of having an own flag in every session of the Congress
  • Met the Mahatma once again in Vijayawada and showed him his publication with the various designs of the flag.
  • Acknowledging the need for a national flag, Gandhi then asked Venkayya to design a fresh one at the national congress meeting in 1921.
  • Initially, Venkayya came up with saffron and green colours, but it later evolved with a spinning wheel at the centre and a third colour-white
  • The flag was officially adopted by the Indian National Congress in 1931
LALA HANS RAJ SONDHI suggested adding a spinning wheel — showing the independent Indian’s who can spin their own clothing from local fibres.