Published on: January 17, 2022




Addressing first National Start-up day Union Minister Jitendra Singh highlighted that  “Purple Revolution” is Jammu & Kashmir’s contribution to “Start-ups India”


  • Around 500 farmers across villages in Doda district in Jammu had their incomes quadrupled after shifting from maize to lavender cultivation which is being called purple revolution.
  • The initiative was taken under AROMA MISSION
  • Farmers were given free lavender saplings and those who have cultivated lavender before were charged Rs. 5-6 per sapling.
  • Aim: To support domestic aromatic crop based agro economy by moving from imported aromatic oils to homegrown varieties.
  • Products:
    • Main product is Lavender oil which sells for at least Rs. 10,000 per litre
    • Lavender water, which separates from lavender oil, is used to make incense sticks.
    • Hydrosol, which is formed after distillation from the flowers, is used to make soaps and room fresheners.
  • Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu (IIIM Jammu), the two bodies are mainly responsible for making purple revolution under the Aroma Mission a success.

AROMA MISSION : The CSIR Aroma Mission is envisaged to bring transformative change in the aroma sector through desired interventions in the areas of agriculture, processing and product development for fuelling the growth of aroma industry and rural employment.

National Start-up Day : Prime Minister has declared that January 16 will be celebrated as ‘National Start-up Day’.

Startup India Scheme

  • Launched on 16th January 2016 with an aim to promote and support the start-ups in India by providing bank finances.
  • Organized by the Department for promotion of industry and internal trade, the major objective of Startup India is to discard some of the restrictive States Government policies which include:
    • License Raj
    • Land Permissions
    • Foreign Investment Proposals
    • Environmental Clearances