Published on: October 12, 2022

Registered unrecognised parties delisted

Registered unrecognised parties delisted

Why in news?

Eight Karnataka-based registered unrecognised political parties (RUPPs) have been delisted while eight others have been notified as “inactive” by the Election Commission of India as part of the nation-wide crackdown on RUPPs that have not participated in election process nor have complied with statutory obligations.

Delisted RUPPs

  • Indian Voters Welfare Party
  • Karnataka Kranthi Dal
  • Nava Nirmana Nagarika Samithi
  • Rashtriya Janandolana Paksha
  • Swarna Yuga Party
  • Tippu Sultan National Republic Party
  • United Indian Democratic Council
  • Urs Samyuktha Paksha

RUPPs marked inactive

  • Taayi Nadu Party
  • Rashtriya Praja Chakravyuha Party
  • Kannada Naadu Party
  • Janapriya Children First Party of India
  • Bharathiya Praja Shakthi
  • Bharathiya Nethaji Party
  • All Indians’ Gandhi Congress


  • The ECI’s recent announcement comes as part of nation-wide action in which it declared a total of 253 RUPPs across the country as inactive and declared 86 “non-existent.”

What will the parties lose?

  • While an inactive RUPP loses the benefits of the Election Symbols (Reservation and Allotment) Order, 1968, the non-existent RUPPs will be deleted from the list and the benefits under the Symbols Order, 1968, will be withdrawn.

Who is empowered to delist the parties?

  • The ECI has said that the eight RUPPs will be marked as “inactive” in the register of RUPPs maintained by the Commission under Section 29A of Representation of People Act, 1951.
  • In June 2022, the Commission had delisted Rashtriya Hindusthan Sena and Karnataka Thamizhar Munnetra Kazhagam, both Karnataka-based.
  • The action against RUPPs is being taken as more than 90% of them had not submitted audited reports despite claiming income tax exemptions.
  • Following the development, Karnataka now has 82 registered unrecognised political parties.
  • The Election Commission took the decision based on the report of the Chief Electoral Officer of Karnataka. Similar action has been initiated against RUPPs in Bihar, Delhi Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana.

Tax exemptions

  • According to the Election Commission, across India 199 RUPPs claimed ₹445 crore exemption in 2018-2019 while 219 RUPPs claimed exemption of ₹ 608 crore in 2019-2020. It said 66 RUPPs which claimed a total exemption of ₹385 crore in 2019-2020 have not submitted contribution report mandated under the Act.

Which party is considered to be inactive?

  • The inactive parties are those who have not responded to the letter or notice delivered to them and have not contested a single election to either legislative assembly or the Parliament since 2014.
  • According to the ECI, these RUPPs have failed to comply with statutory requirements for more than 16 compliances since 2015 and continue to default.