Published on: November 26, 2021




Ruling party issued a whip for its members in Rajya Sabha



  • Is mentioned neither in the Constitution of India nor in the Rules of the House nor in a Parliamentary Statute.
  • Based on the conventions of the parliamentary government.
  • Appointed by the political party to serve as an assistant floor leader.
  • Charged with the responsibility of ensuring the attendance of his party members in large numbers and securing their support in favour of or against a particular issue.
  • Regulates and monitors their behaviour in the Parliament.
  • The members are supposed to follow the directives given by the whip. Otherwise, disciplinary action can be taken.

Types of Whips

  • The One-line whip to inform the members about a vote. It allows a member to abstain in case they decide not to follow the party line.
  • The Two-line whip is issued to direct the members to be present in the House at the time of voting. No special instructions are given on the pattern of voting.
  • The Three-line whip is issued to members directing them to vote as per the party line. It is the strictest of all the whip.