Published on: August 11, 2021



What is in news : Thousands of people have fled parts of Greece due to raging uncontrolled wildfires.

What are Wildfires :

  • Uncontrolled and non-prescribed combustion or burning of plants in a natural setting
  • Three conditions that need to be present in order for a wildfire to burn: fuel, oxygen, and a heat source.

What’s the situation in Greece right now?

As per local media in Greece as of Tuesday, a massive wildfire continues to burn on the northern tip of Greece’s second-largest island called Evia, which is close to the mainland. The fire started on August 3 and has destroyed most of the island’s northern part.

Concerns about Wildfire :

  • Forest fires can have multiple adverse effects on the forest cover, soil, tree growth, vegetation, and the overall flora and fauna.
  • Fires render several hectares of forest useless and leave behind ash, making it unfit for any vegetation growth.
  • Heat generated during the fire destroys animal habitats.
  • Soil quality decreases with the alteration in their compositions.
  • Soil moisture and fertility, too, is affected.
  • Forests can shrink in size.
  • The trees that survive fire often remain stunted and growth is severely affected.