Published on: March 16, 2022




Every year, 15 March is celebrated as World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD)


WHY MARCH 15 –  It marks the date in 1962 President John F Kennedy first outlined the definition of Consumer Rights


  • Opportunity to promote the basic rights of all consumers, for demanding that those rights are respected and protected,
  • Protesting the market abuses and social injustices which undermine them.

2022 THEME: Fair Digital Finance


  • First observed on 15 March 1983
  • Consumers International (CI), which was founded in 1960 organises WCRD
  • Consumer Rights Day — India December 24th. On this day the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 had received the assent of the President.


  • Right to Safety- Before buying, a consumer can insist on the quality and guarantee of the goods. They should ideally purchase a certified product like ISI or AGMARK.
  • Right to Choose- Consumer should have the right to choose from a variety of goods and in a competitive price
  • Right to be informed- The buyers should be informed with all the necessary details of the product, make her/him act wise, and change the buying decision.
  • Right to Consumer Education- Consumer should be aware of his/her rights and avoid exploitation. Ignorance can cost them more.
  • Right to be heard- This means the consumer will get due attention to express their grievances at a suitable forum.
  • Right to seek compensation- The defines that the consumer has the right to seek redress against unfair and cruel practices or exploitation of the consumer.

Consumer Responsibilities

  • Responsibility to be aware – A consumer has to be mindful of the safety and quality of products and services before purchasing.
  • Responsibility to think independently– Consumer should be well concerned about what they want and need and therefore make independent choices.
  • Responsibility to speak out- Buyer should be fearless to speak out their grievances and tell traders what they exactly want
  • Responsibility to complain- It’s consumer responsibility to express and file a complaint about their dissatisfaction with goods or services in a sincere and fair manner.
  • Responsibility to be an Ethical Consumer- They should be fair and not engage themselves with any deceptive practice.