Published on: May 23, 2021


WORLD TURTLE DAY 2021 When : May 23 every year

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  • Bringing attention to turtles and tortoise besides increasing knowledge and respect for them.
  • This day also encourages human action to help the turtles and tortoise survive and thrive.
  • The day is considered among most effective of species awareness days which increases search for information on turtles online.
  • American Tortoise Rescue which was founded in 1990 is the founding sponsor of World Turtle Day. However, “WORLD TURTLE DAY” term was trademarked by Susan Tellem.

About Turtles: They are reptiles, characterized by a bony or cartilaginous shell or a carapace that developed from their ribs. Shell acts as a shield. Earliest known members of turtle dates back to Middle Jurassic. Thus, they are the oldest reptile groups even older than snakes or crocodiles. They are land-dwellers as well as amphibians. Largest sea turtle is  “Leatherback turtle”.

About Tortoises: They are reptile species from family Testudinidae. They are distinguished from turtles as they are exclusively land-dwelling. They also have a shell for protection from predation and other threats.