Published on: September 29, 2021



Aspirants, this article relates to general studies preparation

The paper is Common for : PSI (Paper 2), FDA, SDA, PDO, KPSC & KEA ENGINEERING EXAMS

Why GS : As a Civil servant, government expects you to have a minimal understanding of things around you.

Again why : Let us consider a situation.

  • Now you are a PSI of an area where a historic site is located. If you have a delegation coming to visit that site, you must be able to speak a minimum about that site.
  • Like this to address demands of various situations, government has set GS paper as a criterion.

So next question is WHAT MINIMAL KNOWLEDGE you must have :

  • Being a public servant, you must know how government works, what are the rights of citizens whom you would serve. So, you must know the Constitutional framework under which you are working.
  • Secondly, a knowledge on Indian history and Karnataka history to understand the significance of whichever place you are posted for work. In similar lines geography of the places must also be known.
  • Next you must know about current happenings, focusing on science and technology. This is important as your suggestions for technological upgradation at your work place matters.
  • To support your knowledge on Geography, environment, science and tech, a knowledge of basic general sciences ( Physics, chemistry, biology ) is a must.
  • To check your awareness about everyday happenings, questions on current affairs will be asked
  • To check your awareness about your mathematical capability, questions on aptitude too will be asked

Next question you would need answer : How must I study.

Here is list of books

How to prepare for current affairs :

  • Read dialy news papers
  • Keep track with Nammakpsc daily news analysis
  • Revise with MAHITI Monthly magazine

What more to do :

  • Make a list of important facts dates and information
  • Keep revising from 1 source
  • Solve mcq from our website and Mock tests
  • Watch our YouTube videos
  • Read India year book, Manorama and other GK books.