Published on: December 23, 2021




The first batch of next-generation Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicles (AERV) was formally inducted into the Indian Army


  • Indigenously designed and developed by DRDO
  • Manufactured by the Pune unit of Bharat Electronics Limited
  • 90% indigenous content
  • Versatile BMP-IIK amphibious Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV)
  • Fitted with instruments for water reconnaissance, land reconnaissance, navigation and data backup.
  • Capable of measuring soil bearing capacity on riverbanks to determine if they are motorable for military vehicles on Go-No-Go basis (critical parameters for bridge laying), dry and wet gaps in day and night conditions, slopes and height of river banks or canals.”
  • Can navigate terrain using Military Grid Coordinate System
  • Measure and plot underwater beds and water currents of rivers or canals
  • Store data from various instruments on Control Console for further analysis and decision-making.