Published on: April 12, 2022



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The government is pushing infrastructure to bring Barbara forest in Odisha on ecotourism map BARBARA FOREST

  • Dubbed as Asia’s largest teak and sal forest
  • Only forest in India guarded by the jawans of Central Reserve Police Force (for protecting forest resources)
  • Soon to be open for public from the next tourist season from September
  • Spread over 870-sq km, the Barbara forest is located near Chilika lake in coastal Odisha.
  • Teak plantation activities were carried out by the British forest officials in 1910, which failed
  • Though Barbara was once historically famous for its tigers, it is now not clear if there are any tigers there now. One can find animals like sambar, deer, mouse deer and bison.
  • Home to various species of birds. However, the main species are little scaly-bellied green woodpeckers, Himalayan tree pie, lesser golden backed woodpeckers, golden-backed woodpeckers, marahta woodpecker, Rufous woodpeckers, the long-tailed mini vet, the scarlet mini vet, etc.
  • Inhabited by Sabara tribes and other ethnic Odia communities.


  • Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education
  • Small-scale and low impact form of travel that seeks out ways to preserve the natural world by ensuring that biodiversity, ecosystems and local communities remain protected and unspoiled
  • Encourages travellers to help protect the environment and contribute to local communities on a much deeper level than the tourists just passing through.