Published on: November 12, 2022

Bhakta Salabeg

Bhakta Salabeg

Why in news?

In the maiden to Odissa, President got down from vehicle at Balagandhi on Grand road ,the place of Bhakta Salabeg Samadhi stal and started walking towards puri jagantha temple 


About Salabega

  • He was an Odia religious poet of India in the early 17th century who wrote Jagannatha bhajans.
  • He was Muslim by birth but his devotion for the Hindu God made Lord Jagannath stop his Ratha Jātrā (Rath Yatra) in Odisha for him to get darshan.
  • His famous Bhajan ‘Ahe Nila Saila’ lives to this day.
  • Nilamani Mishra, has written a comprehensive account of the poet and his works.
  • Bhajans/Poems : Deal with the romantic dalliance of Krishna with the gopis and Radha, while a few are inspired by the vatsalya ras, the sweet, motherly feeling Yashoda had for little Krishna
  • His songs are sung in traditional tunes based on the ragas and talas of Odissi music