Published on: October 23, 2021



What is in news : An analysis has found that e-cigarette use — even on a daily basis — did not help smokers successfully stay off cigarettes.

About :

An electronic cigarette (or e-cig)

  • Is a battery-powered vaporizer that mimics tobacco smoking
  • Works by heating up a nicotine liquid, called “juice.”
  • Nicotine juice (or e-juice) comes in various flavors and nicotine levels.
  • e-liquid is composed of five ingredients: vegetable glycerin (a material used in all types of food and personal care products, like toothpaste) and propylene glycol (a solvent most commonly used in fog machines.) propylene glycol is the ingredient that produces thicker clouds of vapor.
  • Proponents of e-cigs argue that the practice is healthier than traditional cigarettes because users are only inhaling water vapor and nicotine.