Published on: December 5, 2022

Energy-efficient computing platform

Energy-efficient computing platform

Why in news?

Researchers at the Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), IISc, have developed a highly energy-efficient computing platform which offers promise in building next-generation electronic devices.


  • Instead of using complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS), used as the building blocks of most electronic circuits , the team used components called memristors
  • Memristors can both store data and perform computation.
  • They are based on metal-organic complexes, that could cut down the number of components needed in a circuit, greatly increasing the speed and efficiency

How it is different from current one?

  • Existing computing architectures process and store data at separate physical locations, the back-and-forth communication between two locations consumes the large share of the computing energy.
  • They are resolved by performing both computation and storage at the same physical location by outperforming the current state-of-the-art technologies by orders of magnitude.