Published on: November 25, 2022



Why in news?

Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has decided to depute three high-level multi-disciplinary 3-member teams to Ranchi ,Ahmedabad and Malappuram to take stock of the upsurge in cases of Measles.


  • Highly contagious infectious disease caused by measles virus
  • Symptoms: fever, often greater than 40 °C, cough, runny nose, and inflamed eyes.
  • Small white spots known as Koplik’s spots may form inside the mouth two or three days after the start of symptoms
  • Common complications: Diarrhea, middle ear infection and pneumonia
  • Airborne disease which spreads easily from one person to the next through the coughs and sneezes
  • Extremely contagious and spread through direct contact
  • Treatment : No specific treatment is available
  • Vitamin A supplementation is also recommended for children, oral rehydration solution and Antibiotics can control the disease
  • The measles vaccine is effective at preventing the disease, is exceptionally safe, and is often delivered in combination with other vaccines.