Published on: August 9, 2022



Why in news?

The farmers in the villages of Saidur, Kanale and Hirenallur gram panchayats grow a flood-resistant traditional variety called Nereguli. Though the yield is less compared to other varieties of paddy, this variety has higher rate of tolerance to flood.

About the Nereguli paddy

  • The paddy did not lose its quality even when the field was inundated for 40 days
  • Nereguli variety yields about 15 bags of paddy, each weighing about 60 kg per acre. Though this is less compared to other popular varieties, farmers prefer this variety over others considering the local conditions.
  • This particular variety had been popular in flood-prone areas. The farmers had cultivated that variety traditionally for several years.

Under research

  • The scientists of Keladi Shivappa Nayaka University of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences in Shivamogga have taken the Nereguli variety for research. The researchers collected the sample from the field to assess its tolerance to flooding.