Published on: December 28, 2021




NITI Aayog, has released the health index of States and Union Territories taking 2019-2020 as the reference year.


  • Report title – “Healthy States, Progressive India”
  • Ranks states and Union Territories on their year-on-year incremental performance in health outcomes as well as their overall status
  • What is State Health Index –
    • Annual tool to assess the performance of states and UTs
    • Weighted composite index based on 24 indicators
    • Grouped under the domains of ‘Health Outcomes’, ‘Governance and Information’, and ‘Key Inputs/Processes’
    • Has been assigned weights based on its importance with higher score for outcome indicators.
  • Kerala has again emerged as the top ranking state in terms of overall health performance among larger states, while Uttar Pradesh is the worst, according to the report.
  • Tamil Nadu and Telangana have emerged as the second and third best performers, respectively. However, Uttar Pradesh ranked at the top in terms of incremental performance by registering the highest incremental change from the base year (2018-19) to reference year (2019-20).
  • Among the smaller states, Mizoram emerged as the best performer in overall performance as well as incremental performance
  • Among UTs, Delhi and Jammu & Kashmir ranked among the bottom UTs in terms of overall performance but emerged as the leading performer in terms of incremental performance.