Published on: March 25, 2023

TB in Karnataka

TB in Karnataka

Why in news? Tuberculosis prevalence to notification ratio in Karnataka is far higher than national average.


  • Karnataka’s estimated tuberculosis prevalence to notification (P:N) ratio at 4.08, is far higher than the national average of 2.84
  • According to the National TB Prevalence Survey of India 2019-2021, the first of its kind in the country in 55 years, Chhattisgarh (5.30) had the highest P:N ratio, followed by Bihar (4.15), Karnataka (4.08), Northeast States (3.74), Tamil Nadu (3.67), and Kerala (3.33).

Reasons for the high ratio:

  • nearly 52% of the patients did not seek healthcare in Karnataka. They either ignored their symptoms or did not recognise them (symptoms) or indulged in self-treatment.
  • While over half of all tuberculosis (TB) patients seek care in the private sector, case notifications from the private sector are way behind the targets set by the government.
  • Despite awareness regarding mandatory TB notification, a significant number of private practitioners do not report the cases. Missing cases which are lost to follow up are one of the prime reasons for quick spread of the infection.

What is P:N ratio ?

  • The P:N ratio is an important aspect, that explains when each case notified, how many TB cases go undetected.
  • This is a critical parameter to evaluate how effective States are at detecting and notifying TB cases.
  • The higher the ratio, the more the number of cases that are being missed out.

What are the steps taken by Karnataka government to eradicate TB ?

  • Intensified Tuberculosis (TB) Surveillance in Computed Tomography (CT) scan centres was step all across Karnataka.
  • Line lists of the patients where CT scan suggestive of TB were collected from all the CT scan centres of the districts and all such patients identified through CT scan centres were enrolled in the NIKSHAY portal as presumptive TB patients.
  • Kshaya Mukta Gram Panchayat intiative mainly aimed towards TB free panchayats
  • TB Sollisi GP Gellasi is a community engagement campaign for improving the access, awareness , demand generation for TB services and to reduce stigma associated with TB disease
  • Kshaya Aasare initiative shall ensure access to information, free and quality services, and linkage to social welfare programs, empowering the patient for making decision to complete the treatment successfully.
  • Kshaya Nivarana Andolana for prevention of TB disease transmission through active case finding.
  • STAR – Screening for Tuberculosis Using Artificial Intelligence in Remote Radiology facilities. This AI tool works on Analog X Ray screening is well suited to be used in remote facilities and it not only detects abnormal chest X-rays, but it can identify and localizes 29 common abnormalities in addition to screen for tuberculosis.