Published on: December 14, 2022

Zika Virus

Zika Virus

Why in news? Raichur district has become the first confirmed Zika virus case in the state.


  • Zika virus cases were found in Kerala, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

About Zika

  • Virus family : Flaviviridae
  • Spread by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes ( aegypti and albopictus) in tropical and subtropical regions.
  • Origin: Zika Forest of Uganda
  • Shares a genus with the dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile viruses
  • Symptoms : No or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever.
  • Treatment/ vaccination : No specific treatment and vaccine
  • Can spread from a pregnant person to their baby results in microcephaly, severe brain malformations and other birth defects
  • Transmission ways : Through sexual contact or blood transfusions.
  • Vertebrate hosts : Primarily monkeys with only occasional transmission to humans.